Thoughts on Opera Performance at the End of 2020 – Some Consequences of the Covid19 Pandemic

I created the website in 2005, centering around my reviews of live opera performance and notes on historical performances I had attended in past decades. At the beginning of 2006, when Houston Grand Opera’s General Director David Gockley assumed the general directorship of the San Francisco Opera, I decided that at the end of … Read more

Grading San Francisco Opera Performances for 2017

Since my junior high school years, I have been attending performances of the San Francisco Opera. Beginning with calendar year 2006, I have given letter grades to each of San Francisco Opera’s productions during that calendar year. These are my grades for the 12th year. Like the seminars associated with Ph.D. programs, I do not … Read more

Thoughts and Assessments at the End of 2016

Over 11 years ago, I began the series of reviews, interviews and essays that constitute the content of the website. Later in 2017, I expect to post my 500th opera live performance review. At the end of each of the past eight years, I’ve posted essays that I call “thoughts and assessments”, in which I discuss issues … Read more