Heartland Heartthrob: An Interview with Nathan Gunn, Part 2

Part I of this interview may be found at: Heartland Heartthrob: An Interview with Nathan Gunn, Part I.   [Below: Nathan Gunn; edited image, based on a photograph from www.texasperformingarts.com.] Wm: One of your colleagues in one of my interviews suggested that your physical exercise regimen and your physical appearance have put pressure on other operatic males … Read more

Tom’s Review: Mozart’s “Flute” Is a Magical End to Santa Fe Opera’s Summer 2010 Season – August 23, 2010

Wolfgang Amadeus (note about film Amadeus below) Mozart’s final operatic masterpiece, “Die Zauberfloete” (The Magic Flute) once again enchants Santa Fe Opera audiences. The summer 2010 season is the 54th for The Santa Fe Opera in beautiful olde Santa Fe  – now celebrating its 400th anniversary. The “Magic Flute” has been a very frequent show-stopper of the all-time operatic wunderkind … Read more

Arthur Bloomfield’s Guest Commentary on mid-20th Century Conductors, Part 3: Gennaro Papi

This is the third in a series of guest commentaries by author and historian Arthur Bloomfield, whose new e-book on the styles of the great oldtime opera and symphony conductors is posted at www.morethanthenotes.com. At least one prominent historian of the Metropolitan Opera – and perhaps a few copycats too – dismissed the diminutive and … Read more

Revisiting Conductor Antony Walker at Santa Fe Opera’s “Ranch”

William’s note: I first interviewed Conductor Antony Walker at the new offices of the Pittsburgh Opera (in the historic building that was originally part of the factory of the Westinghouse Brake Company. (See: Interviewing Conductor Antony Walker on Undervalued Masterpieces – and His Unexpected Celebrity.) This second interview took place at the Santa Fe Opera … Read more