Review: Corinne Winters’ Searing Performance as Seattle Opera’s Katya Kabanova, February 26, 2017

The Seattle Opera’s new production of Janacek’s “Katya Kabanova” premiered the evening of February 25 [Review: Seattle Opera Psychodrama – Melody Moore’s Magnificent Katya Kabanova, February 25, 2017]. Janacek’s lush melodic score was performed in a theatrically attractive production. The production’s second performance was presented the next afternoon with two major cast changes. (My previous review covers the performances of … Read more

Review: Seattle Opera Psychodrama – Melody Moore’s Magnificent Katya Kabanova, February 25, 2017

Australian director Patrick Nolan has created a revelatory new production of Janacek’s “Katya Kabanova” – an opera about the toxic relationship between a widow and her daughter-in-law that ends in the latter’s suicide. [Below: Melody Moore as Katya in Patrick Nolan’s Seattle Opera production of Janacek’s “Katya Kabanova”; edited image, based on a Philip Newton photograph, … Read more

Thoughts and Assessments at the End of 2016

Over 11 years ago, I began the series of reviews, interviews and essays that constitute the content of the website. Later in 2017, I expect to post my 500th opera live performance review. At the end of each of the past eight years, I’ve posted essays that I call “thoughts and assessments”, in which I discuss issues … Read more

Review: A Fun-filled, Fast-paced, Finely Cast “Falstaff” – San Diego Opera, February 18, 2017

The San Diego Opera opened a four performance run of “Falstaff”, Verdi’s operatic adaptation of Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor. One of opera’s great masterpieces, “Falstaff” abounds in complex vocal ensembles, that require ten principal singers of great skill. Roberto de Candia’s Falstaff The production’s strong cast was led by the Falstaff of Italian baritone Roberto de Candia. Falstaff, deluding himself that … Read more