German Birds Fly High at Los Angeles Opera in Rarely Seen “The Birds” – April 23, 2009

Los Angeles’ super-genius film-maker Alfred Hitchcock released flocks of aggressive birds in his renowned and justly famed film “The Birds” upon startled and unsuspecting film-goers decades ago, but now Los Angeles Opera has released very exotic birds of its own in their new production of German composer Walter Braunfels (1882-1954) opera “The Birds (Die Voegel)” … Read more

Showtime in Vegas: Tom’s Tips for “Phantom” Opera-goers

Your Tipster has already reviewed on this website the utterly sensational Phantom of the Opera now showing at the ultra-opulent Venetian in Las Vegas.  The Phantom run will continue for at least the balance of 2008, and is now the most popular and best-selling show in all of Las Vegas.  (To access the “Phantom” review, … Read more

Tom’s Tips for the Orange County Opera Scene and Fine Nearby Dining

Many California-based opera lovers are discovering the fact that Orange County (the California county whose coastline to the South borders San Diego County and, to the North,  Los Angeles County) now has superb grand opera in a magnificent opera house surrounded by unsurpassed amenities. Your Tipster has resided in Orange County, 17 minutes from the opera … Read more

Tom’s Tips on the Santa Barbara Opera Scene

The has received a very favorable response for our Tom’s Tips for enjoying opera in Los Angeles and San Diego. Thus, we will provide similar information for a venue we have not yet highlighted – Opera Santa Barbara! In late February and early March, characterizing itself as an “Italian Passions Festival”, Opera Santa Barbara … Read more

Tom’s Tips for the San Diego Opera Scene

In the last post on this website, we presented Tom’s Tips for opera lovers looking to enjoy performances of the Los Angeles Opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  Now we want to encourage you to consider the San Diego Opera performances at the San Diego Civic Theater in the Continental United States’ Southwestern metropolis. [Below: the San Diego … Read more